Frequently asked questions

How does dining at the Counter work?

The Counter at Counter 3. FIVE. VII is a 25-seat, U-shaped chef’s counter which surrounds our chefs and the kitchen. The Counter has two nightly seating at 6pm and 8pm featuring our VII-course prix fixe menu. During the dinner, you will be interacting with our chefs who are not only preparing food in front of you but also serving and explaining the dishes to you throughout the meal. Our sommeliers will also be at the Counter to present wine pairings with each course, if you choose to partake in the pairings, but also helping with any of your beverage needs. The chefs serve and explain each course to the Counter at once which means pacing can be a little faster or slower than you may prefer, and sometimes our explanations may interrupt your conversation, however, we believe the experience we provide is well worth it. 

How does dining in the lounge work?

The Lounge at Counter 3. FIVE. VII offers a more casual dining experience for our guests. Operating on a first come, first serve basis, we do not take reservations for the Lounge but you are always free to call and inquire about seat availability. The Lounge offers a menu with a diverse selection of dishes that can be order a la carte or with the option to create your own 3 or FIVE course menu. The menu also features appetizers (oysters, cheese, etc) for those who just want a few bites or something light to nibble on prior to a Counter reservation.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel a reservation. To cancel a reservation, please call the restaurant at 512-291-3327. Your cancellation is only valid if you speak to someone within the restaurant. If you fail to cancel the reservation in the appropriate time frame the credit card on file will be charged the current menu price per seat reserved. Please keep in mind we are closed on Sundays and Mondays so if you need to cancel a reservation for a Tuesday you will need to cancel by 9:30pm on Saturday.

Do I need a reservation?

To dine at the Counter, we highly recommend a reservation due to the small number of seats and only two nightly seatings. The Lounge operates on a first come, first serve basis so walk-ins are always welcome!

Why do you add a service fee? Who is receiving it?

The entire staff of Counter 3. FIVE. VII serves our guests so 100% of all service charges is pooled between the front and back of house team.

Why am i being charged sales tax on the service fee?

Texas law requires sales tax to be paid on any mandatory service changes.

May i dine in the lounge instead of at the counter even though i have a reservation?

If you have a reservation, you may choose to dine in the Lounge instead of at the Counter, however, we will consider it a last-cancellation if not given 48 hours notice and the credit card on file will be charged. While this may seem strict, please remember that the Counter features only two nightly seatings so the likelihood of us the filling seats on short notice narrows the closer the cancellation is to the actual time of your reservation.

Can I Reschedule my reservation to a different day/time?

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice to move a reservation to a different day/seating. To reschedule a reservation, please call the restaurant at 512-291-3327. Adjustments to a reservation will only be valid if you speak to someone within the restaurant. If you fail to adjust your reservation in the appropriate time frame the credit card on file will be charged the current menu price per seat reserved.

Can i transfer my reservation to a different person?

Yes. We understand that last-minute issues can arise and this is the best way to avoid cancellation fees. When you transfer your reservation to another person, please keep in mind your credit card is still on file for the reservation so be sure your replacement shows up to avoid cancellation fees. If you would like to re-assign your reservation, please call at 512-291-3327 or email at Please remember that we require 48 hours notice of dietary restrictions/allergies. If the new diners have any restrictions, the chefs may not be able to accommodate.

WHat are wine pairings? When do
i need to order?

A wine pairing is a selection of wines that have been chosen by the sommelier and approved by our Executive Chef to run side by side with your coursing menu. Each course will have a specific wine to be enjoyed with that particular dish. Occasionally, the coursing may include sake, beer, or even a cocktail. You can choose the wine pairing either when you make your reservation or once you arrive for your reservation. 

Can I bring my own wines?

Unfortunately, our liquor license does not allow for guests to bring in outside wine. We do offer an extensive selection of wines that our sommelier would be happy to discuss with you.

Should i call if i'm running late?

You should call if you are running more than 10 minutes late (we will attempt to call you as well), but the meal will still start on time without you. If you're late, you will miss courses for which you are not present. Depending on the menu for the evening, the chefs may be able to catch you up but it will be up to the chefs’ discretion as to not impede on the service given to the other diners.

Do you take

If you and your guests happen to arrive at the time of a Counter seating, and we have open seats, we will happily take you in. However, please keep in mind, the Counter only seats 25 people. If we are unable to seat you at the Counter, the Lounge offers a 3 course, FIVE course and a la carte menu which is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Can i make a reservation for 6 or more people?

Yes. If you have a larger party, please call 512-291-3327 or email us at to reserve a large set of seats for the evening. Our cancellation policy is still in place for large groups so if you have a last-minute cancellation of a guest, the credit card on file will charged for the vacant seat.

Can I book farther in advance?

OpenTable allows you to book a reservation up to 30 days in advance. If you wish to book farther out than 30 days, please call the restaurant at 512-291-3327 and we will happily schedule for you.

DO you accommodate dietary restrictions?

We happily accommodate serious food allergies and dietary restrictions if we know about the restrictions a minimum of 48 hours in advance. However, we recommend that diners come with an open mind, ready to try things they might not ordinarily prefer, trusting that they will undoubtedly find most things easy to like. We prefer not to accommodate other preferences, and strictly cannot accommodate vegan diners, as doing so requires substantial disruption to the flow of a meal that is designed to be the same for an entire seating of diners, and requires dedicating too much of our kitchen’s resources to a small number of those diners. We reserve the right to cancel a reservation if we cannot accommodate a party’s dietary restrictions.

Can you accommodate
last-minute Dietary restrictions?

If we don’t have at least 48 hours’ notice of a dietary restriction, we cannot guarantee that we will accommodate it. If you surprise us with a serious dietary restriction once you show up for dinner, we will do our best to take care of you, but we cannot provide any accommodations that mean pulling essential resources away from diners who respected our restaurant and their fellow diners enough to inform us of their dietary restrictions in advance.

Are you kid-friendly?

Not exactly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring them. When dining at the Counter, you’ll be seated right next to adults who have paid a lot for a dining experience. Bringing a child risks disrupting the experiences of the other guests, so we ask that you carefully consider the other diners who will be right next to your party. Our recommendation is not to bring children under ten. Ultimately, though, it is up to the judgment of our guests whether to bring their children. Either way, any child at the Counter requiring a seat will be served and charged the same meal we serve adult diners, without child-specific modifications. The Lounge is a bit more kid-friendly as the menu is not prix-fixe but again we will be unable to make child-specific accommodations. Please keep in mind we do not allow outside food nor do we provide high-chairs and with the size of the restaurant we cannot provide space for a stroller.

Where do I park?

We recommend parking in the parking garage located on Brazos in between 3rd and 4th street. The garage is located on the same block as the restaurant. We do not offer valet services, nor do we validate, but there is a valet located on 3rd street in between Congress and Brazos for $15.